buon natale

(merry christmas)



Father and daughter, strangers in their family, spend Christmas day together.


“Written e directed by: Viren Beltramo
Cinematography: Matteo Vielle
Production manager: Iacopo De Gregori
1st assistant director: Andrea Canepari
2nd assistant direcion/Designer: Fabio Renis
Costumes designers: Elena Gaudio e Francesca Cibischino
Set designer: Massimo Voghera
Script supervisor: Sara Meloni
Floor sound engineer: Giacomo Colussi
Operatore ronin: Roberto D’Arcangelo
Focus puller: Marco Valerio Carrara
Camera second assistant: Irene Pallaro
Hair Stylist: Piero Mastropaolo
Make-up artist: Paola Fracchia e Chiara Cerruti
Head gaffer:
Florin Covaci
Grips: Umberto e Marco Piretto

Musical director: Massimiliano Nardulli

Actors: Giulia Lazzarini
              Savino Genovese
              Bianca genovese
              Guido Ruffa
              Paola Roman
              Monica Martinelli
              Tommaso Murdocca
              Melly Santos
              Luca Lanfranco

Assistant set designer: Cristina Mello Grosso, Sara Marenco, Veronica Cicirello, Chiara Tommasini, Cristina Sabato, Giulia Bussetti, Asja Lanzetti, Niccolò Bianchi
Assistant Costumes designer: Lorenza Canaletti e Eleonora Dal Pos

Backstage: Lorenzo Romoli e Lorenzo Barollo
Runner: Gabriele Vaschetti
Covid supervisor: Ilaria Selis
Catering supervisor: Ilaria Poggio
Food design supervisor: Gerry Campanella

Students from Turin’s Albertina Academy of Fine Arts (sets and costumes), Turin’s Making Beauty Academy (makeup) and “Piazza dei Mestieri” (catering and Christmas banquet) will also be involved in the project.


“Buon Natale” is a Piedmont story, set in Turin in the late 1980s, early 1990s. The main location is a villa typical of the upper middle class families of the time. The exteriors initially portray a street in the city center, then a suburban food truck and finally the open countryside. In particular used: a street with Art Nouveau buildings (Liberty style), the interior of a fiat panda, a villa in Villarbasse (TO), a food truck parked in Settimo Torinese (TO), stretches of provincial and country roads.

production and distribution path

Viren Beltramo was selected with this project to participate in the 2020 Torino Short Film Market development workshop conducted by Massimo D’orzi, Massimiliano Nardulli and Enrico Vannucci. Later the same conductors, convinced that this story deserved to be realized, continued to follow the production process until they became part of it (see Massimiliano Nardulli to the music). GenoveseBeltramo has therefore woven a dense network of organizations and people with the intention of creating a project promoting many shared skills.
The short film has already received the interest of Rai Cinema and the Belgian distribution house Radiator IP Sales for international festival distribution and subsequent sale on TV and streaming on demand channels.

technical details

Length: 10 minutes
Genre: Drama
Shooting days: 04 – 07 May 2021

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