aged 16 and over

Acting classes and elements of stage direction

conducted by Savino Genovese and Viren Beltramo

“We have seen friendship, talent, trust, awareness blossom. For us, teaching theater means accompanying a person for a stretch of the road, taking care of them, respecting their uniqueness and developing their personality.

We have people of all ages working together, sometimes they become actors or directors, other times they just find a place to regenerate and be happy. “

(Viren and Savino)


topics of the course

  • improvisation
  • theater and cinema acting
  • staging
  • scenic creation
  • awareness of one’s own means of expression: body, posture, gestures, voice

Throughout the exploration and active experimentation of one’s own expressive potential, the main objective of the course is to understand what theater is, immediately becoming its protagonist. Throughout the staging, all the tools necessary for an on-the-job learning of the actor’s art will be provided


1st module – from September to December with the staging of the “author’s dialogues”

2nd module – from January to April with the staging of a collective show in a city theater

3rd module – from may to july. Reserved for those who have already attended a module


Circolo Corso Parigi – corso Dante 28/a area pedonale (Torino)



Monday or Tuesday, each evening from 20.30 to 23.30