from 3 pieces by Eugene Ionesco

A new production from Compagnia Genovese Beltramo

Truth is my goal, always. I like to alternate styles and registers, moods and diametrically opposed feelings. But the game only makes sense when it’s true. True the gesture, true the word, true the feelings. Within our exciting convention, everything is possible but only when I see a real actor on stage am I grateful to him for what he is giving me back.

 – Viren Beltramo

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Lidia ferrari

yuri ferrero

savino genovese

magda saba

gabriele vaschetti

Ionesco has the courage to say, without the filter of intellectual mediation, what probably does not cross his mind alone, but, sooner or later, most people’s. He gives testimony of his fears, his cowardice, his incurable vanities, his illusions, his uncertainties, he does not hesitate to swing from one extreme to the other, to mix the rational with the emotional, to put the one at the service of the other, now in one sense, now in the other, to do the same with culture and daily experience, always without models to refer to, but exploring like a primitive man that, by a strange chance, is able to handle the most refined tools elaborated by human thought.

 – Translating “la Quete Intermittente” – Gian Renzo Morteo

By diverting our gaze to the visceral mystery of existence, going up to the most alien slopes of the confusion, Ionesco gives us back the phosphorescence of unspoken evidence. What is inherent, what is transformed, what lends itself to irrepressible metamorphosis does not necessarily cling to a sense. Man is the one who rises up. Man is the one who shouts. Who blocks his eyes at the tinkling of standardization.

 – Eugène Ionesco: il barrito dell’assurdo – Laura Leuratti


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