Check-up diritti

Produced by Ministero dello sviluppo economico

Altroconsumo/Acu/ Codici/La Casa del Consumatore


Written and directed by Savino Genovese

With Viren Beltramo e Savino Genovese

Technical direction  Fabio Partemi

Check-up diritti

The show is the metaphor of the learning journey made by the protagonist, who, from a situation of total unawareness of her rights as a consumer, gets to know them thanks to the check-up and then thanks to the “instructive treatments” of Doctor Up.

The modest perception of the rules by the consumers is thus faced with irony, and brief but important indications are given on how to protect oneself and how to make conscious choices.


The show debuted on 29 and 30 October 2011 at “Fà la cosa giusta” exhibition in Trento, and then repeated in Lido di Ostia (Rome), Milan, Piano di Sorrento (Naples), Rimini and Turin.

In May 2011 it was presented in English (played by Viren Beltramo and Matteo Antony Mistretta) in front of representatives of all consumer associations in Europe for the 50th anniversary of the BEUC in Brussels.