L’elogio degli assenti

Loosely inspired by “Les bonnes” by Jean Genet


ce sont des créatures de l’imagination;

elles n’existent pas.
Jean Genet


Written and directed by Savino Genovese

with Viren Beltramo e Silvia Mercuriati

Technical direction by Fabio Partemi

director’s note

Lacking is often followed by absence, this affects things as much as people. To talk about someone, for better or for worse, emphasize that someone is important. Its importance exalts us, upsets us, becomes the engine of choices, behaviors. The mere idea that someone exists but is absent leads us to raise him on an imaginary pedestal.

My intent is to highlight the weaknesses that push the one who lives before our eyes, her own story, a stripping of herself to devote completely to the “absent”.

Today it is easy to fall into the illusion of knowing people that in reality we will never be able to meet, the so-called “virtual encounters” convince us that the other is real even when he is not and getting confused can become more and more dangerous.

My point of view on the work of J. Genet elects as the protagonist the absent mistress at the expense of the present servants who, through theatrical and therefore artificial play, materialize the absence to such an extent as to forget their own presence.

Savino Genovese